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Charlie Recksieck & Spud Davenport


(April 21, 2016): We are in the studio recording a single, "Lifeboat" - it's a non-sarcastic departure for us. Can't wait

Thanks to new radio stations who continue to play tracks off of Won.

"LawnChairs" Music video is released! Watch it here.

We're happy you found us! We're a band making fun rock music. Some people write breakup songs, some write songs about blind rage. Our songs are for all of the other times in your life.

Feel free to explore the site, get to know us, read some lyrics, there's a lot here & more being added constantly with the website redesign. First and foremost, it's all about the music - we hope you like it ... and hopefully buy a song, tell a friend. Take a listen right here.

Thank you for supporting emerging and independent artists. It's how we get new, exciting music.